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What’s in a name?

I guess my first blog entry here should state my intentions and explain why in the world I chose to call my blog “Bear Crossings”?
Let’s start with the last part first. It’s pretty simple really if you know me and even simpler if you know some Swedish. My first name is Björn in Swedish, or usually simplified to Bjorn if you can’t figure out how to get the umlaut (the two dots) in there. It’s an old name that can be traced back to the early Viking ages. As of late 2005 there were about 40,000 Swedes that shared this first name. Not exactly an unusual name. Here in California I’m however often the only one with it, which has its benefits.
But enough about that, the point here is that it means Bear. Now you probably see the link to this blog and how a name like “Bear Crossings” might make sense. It also gives you a hint of my intentions with the blog. I simply intend to write about somewhat semi random observations about things that cross my path. It will likely range from thoughts about the mundane, over to observations about what  do and see at work to reflecting about the absurd.
The look and feel of this blog will most likely change over time as I experiment with different styles and templates.

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